In 1901 the Austrian Scientist Karl Landsteiner, for the first time in the history, postulated the concept of blood groups. He obtained blood samples from several individuals and separated red cells and serum. Once separated, he mixed the red cells of one individual with serum of another simulating a transfusion in vitro. He demonstrated that the said mixing resulted in a visible agglutination reaction in some pairs while others did not do so. Finally he concluded that this observation is due to the existence of blood and the ABO blood group system was discovered. For this historical discovery Karl Landsteiner was awarded with the Nobel Prize for Medicine in 1030.

His birthday falls on 14th of June and World Health Organization selected this to celebrate “World Blood Donor Day” to pay tribute and motivate voluntary non remunerated blood donors.

World Blood Donor Day Theme

2016 - “Blood connects us all”.

2015 - “Thank you for saving my life”.

2014 - “Safe blood for saving mothers”.

2013 - “Give the gift of life: Donate blood.”

2012 - “Every blood donor is a hero”.

2011 - “More blood, more life”.

2010 - “New Blood for the World”.

2009 - “achieving 100 per cent non-remunerated donation of blood and blood components”.

2008 - “Giving blood regularly”.

2007 - “Safe Blood for Safe Motherhood”.

2006 - “Commitment to Ensure Universal Access to Safe Blood”.

2005 - “Celebrating your gift of blood”.

2004 - “Blood Saves Lives. Safe Blood Starts With Me”.

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100% of Sri Lankan blood donors are voluntory non rermunerated donors.

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Your precious donation of blood can save as many as 3 lives.

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You can donate blood in every 4 months time.

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14th JUNE

World Blood Donor Day.

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